I love you Jessie
That’s all I ever want to say
I want to write it in the sky
Hang a banner from the bridge
Across the west-bound highway

Paint a billboard full of roses
A thousand roses just for your smile
Going to set my love in neon lights
Flash it out bright neon style

Graffiti your name on every wall
Stay up all night
Write a love song in Italian on the pavement
All around the City Hall

Run a P.A. System to the rooftop
Of the Mount Nelson Hotel
And have Ferguson there with his mouth harp
To play a blue villanelle

Lean out into the night
Pray to every star I see
Tell them how I love you
How I love you – Jessie

It’s not a secret
This fire you light in me
How could I hide such a flame
When it burns-
Oh how it yearns to be free?

Day and night I hear your heartbeat
Carry the sound of your name inside of me … . inside of me
You turn me upside down girl
You turn me upside down

I want the world to know
I want the world to know
I want the world to know
I love you -