The debut release from the Cape Town-based band with the catchy name is something rather rare and awesomely compelling. At the helm are the vocals of classically trained singer/songwriter, poet and “lapsed academic” Jacques Coetzee who, despite being blind, paints a world of vivid imagery, embroidering his songs with a rich narrative texture in a vein not dissimilar in style that of Nick Cave or say, Tom Waits. The fifteen songs contained herein (lyrics by Jacques’ partner Barbara Fairhead), flit effortlessly between countrified rock and folksome blues with a sourmash Southern gospel feel that belies their South African heritage. Not content to have just any old session musos backing his musical ‘vision’ either, Coetzee has assembled a fine supporting cast, each one a master in their appointed role, to finesse the songs with the kind of vibrant musical flavour that makes listening to ‘Look For Me’ such an all-round rewarding experience. Dave Ferguson (having dropped the “Lonesome” from his moniker for this project) does his bit on the harmonica whilst John Cooke brings the strings and John Turest-Swartz adds organ, keyboards, Tambour and Dobro to the final arrangement. If you’re looking for something new, meaningful and musically enchanting -‘Look For Me’.

(5 stars)

Jon Monsoon.